Pine Bend Refinery | Rosemount, MN
  • People of Pine Bend

    Dawn Wurst Director of Process Safety

    Safety crusader

    “I think everyone wants to have a purpose in what they’re doing, a purpose in their life, whether that’s work or home. And for me? I found mine in process safety.”

    Pine Bend didn’t become one of the safest oil refineries in the country by coincidence. It happened because team members like Dawn Wurst wake up every morning laser-focused on a single goal – protecting the safety of her coworkers, the environment, and people who live in surrounding communities.

    As Pine Bend’s Director of Process Safety, Dawn is responsible for the prevention of unwanted releases. Well known by her colleagues for her ability to think ten steps ahead, Dawn is always thinking of new and memorable ways to communicate the importance of process safety.

    Adorning the walls of the Flint Hills Resources office buildings are posters and banners designed by Dawn. An artist at heart, she has produced countless materials that communicate the inherent risks of working in an oil refinery and the importance of stopping a job if something doesn’t look, smell or feel right. Learn more about Dawn here.

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