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  • People of Pine Bend

    Martina List Senior Process Engineer

    FOX9 Girls, Science and Technology volunteer

    While Martina was earning a degree in chemical engineering at the University of Minnesota, she dreamed of becoming a professor and diving into complex research projects. Fortunately for Flint Hills Resources, she did an internship at the Pine Bend refinery and had a change of heart.

    “I instantly fell in love with Pine Bend,” recalls Martina. “I really enjoyed working with a broad variety of people on so many different projects. I got to do something new and exciting every day.”

    While growing up, Martina found she had a knack for science. Her mom’s degree in chemistry and dad’s dentistry profession created an environment that encouraged her to explore and learn. “Science came very naturally to me,” she says.

    Martina gives back to the community and helps create the same nurturing environment she had growing up by volunteering at the annual FOX9 Girls, Science and Technology event. She says it’s important to be a mentor to kids who don’t experience (or who don’t realize that they experience!) hands-on science activities in their everyday lives.

    What’s the one thing Martina would say to kids who are interested in science? “It’s worth it, and you’ll enjoy it. Science is fun, and it’s everywhere!”

    Martina appears on Into the Outdoors – an educational TV program hosted by students – to talk about the science, chemistry and engineering, behind manufacturing the transportation fuels and other products that people rely on.

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