Pine Bend Refinery | Rosemount, MN
  • Economic impact

    An integral part of the economy

    As a leading producer of transportation fuels, Flint Hills Resources Pine Bend Refinery is an integral part of the local and Midwest economy. Pine Bend is the largest private employer in Rosemount, and represents a significant portion of the city’s tax base.

    Pine Bend has been recognized for its commitment to developing a strong business, partnering with community organizations, and supporting programs that contribute to Minnesota’s quality of life. The refinery received a Business Excellence Award from the Dakota County Regional Chamber of Commerce and a Business of the Year Award from the River Heights Chamber of Commerce.

    In a letter to Flint Hills Resources congratulating it on receiving the Business Excellence Award, Rosemount Mayor William Droste said, “Your staff carries out a demanding role that is crucial to our local economy and that of the entire region.  Your ability to meet ever-increasing technical and regulatory standards and your willingness to share the results through charitable activities are a credit to our community.”

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