Pine Bend Refinery | Rosemount, MN
  • People of Pine Bend

    Renee Smith Senior Process Engineer

    Bluebird enthusiast

    Minnesota’s bluebirds are fortunate to have a friend like Renee Smith.

    From April-August each year, Renee leads Pine Bend employee volunteers in monitoring 20 artificial bluebird nesting structures located on a prairie ecosystem on the refinery property. This undertaking started voluntarily by Renee and a group of Flint Hills employees who are passionate about animals and wildlife. Thanks to Renee, more than 50 baby bluebirds successfully leave their nests each year. Renee’s team takes their work seriously and reports annual results to the Minnesota Bluebird Recovery Program.

    “If I’m doing my little part here, maybe I can do my little part somewhere else, too, and maybe encourage other people to do their part,” says Renee. “We’ll hopefully make our world an environmentally better place.”

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