Pine Bend Refinery | Rosemount, MN
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    Creating thousands of jobs

    MN Oil Refinery JobsFlint Hills Resources provides hundreds of high-quality, well-paying jobs in a variety of fields, including engineering, environmental science, and construction.

    In Minnesota, Flint Hills Resources employs 1,300 full-time employees, including more than 500 members of the United Steelworkers Local 662 Union. As Minnesota’s largest continuous construction site, an average of 1,500 contractors work onsite on any given day.

    A 2012 study by Harrah Analytics estimates that Flint Hills Resources annually creates more than 1,000 direct jobs and 5,300 indirect jobs in Minnesota. The study also indicates that Flint Hills supports more than $153 million in direct compensation and $339 million in indirect compensation in Minnesota.

    In 2014, the Pine Bend refinery became the first-ever PRO-10 certified worksite. PRO-10 is a 10-hour professional development course tailored for the construction and building trades. Offering communications, customer relations, diversity, and safety classes, among others, the goal of the program is to build a professional environment at construction worksites – helping attract the best and the brightest to a career in the construction industry.

    To learn more about jobs that are available at the Pine Bend refinery, click here. To learn more about the Pine Bend refinery, read this brochure.